• Jessica DeFeo

Living Boldly.

Quit your job. Start your dream. Go on that vacation. Wear that lipstick. Buy the car. ⠀⠀ What’s your “bold”? What’s the thing that makes your heart beat fast and then convince yourself to not go forward with it?

Because that’s the thing that you should probably do. ⠀⠀

Bold is my guide word for the year. I keep this word close to me as I make decisions for both my business and my personal life. Go big or go bold, ammiright?! ⠀

⠀ You are not meant to live small. The growth happens with bold decisions that are made to propel you forward. ⠀⠀

Tell us your bold move this year in the comments and let's celebrate big decisions that will move your life forward in amazing ways.


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