• Jessica DeFeo

Moving forward while stuck and standing still

I heard this saying once that an arrow is a representation of whatever you think is holding you back, is actually preparing you to launch you forward.

Translation: The hard stuff is meant for you to learn, grow, and strengthen from so you can be propelled into awesomeness very soon.

I want you to think about a situation, problem, life lesson, etc. that you were convinced was an experience that was keeping you two steps back. You weren’t sure what was going on and you thought everything was for sure going wrong.

And then, things change. Your life shifts in big ways. Ways you weren’t expecting.

What I like about this analogy is that it reminds us that while we are knee deep in those moments that are hard and we’re ready to curse the world-we have to remember that we are literally in the moment of being pulled backward. So we best get ready for the launch. ⠀⠀


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