• Jessica DeFeo


My desk does not look like this. In fact I don’t have a desk. I’m usually sitting on my sofa binge watching reruns of The Office and planning out my social media for the rest of the month, organizing actions for my activism groups, and figuring out everything else in between :) #SingleMomReality

I think it’s so important to be honest with each other on what our realities look like. That our desks won’t always be perfectly clean with matching color schemes. Or maybe it will.

You know what the beauty is? You get to decide. You get to figure out how the hell this life gets to work for you. You get to lead your life in the way that it benefits you. ⠀⠀

You get to lead without fear and self doubt. You get to lead your life in ways that will bring in more money than you’ve ever made, or the greatest love of your life, or the most fulfilling career you’ve constantly dreamed of. .


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